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Guygas provides a propane/butane blend similar to competitors, but with the added benefit of special filtration that make the component 99.9 percent pure and thus free of contaminants. Cleaner burning, Longer Lasting is more than a catchphrase- it’s a promise we stand by.

About our Company

Cleaner burning, longer lasting!

Guygas Inc. was founded in 2004. It is a 100 percent Guyanese-owned family business and the only Guyanese company in Guyana that bottles and distributes cooking gas (LPG). Guygas is proud to say that it has been essential for safeguarding Guyanese consumers from unnecessary and unjustifiable pricing strategies employed by its foreign-owned competitors for over a decade. While providing an alternative to consumers and businesses, it has maintained an unblemished safety record and product quality second to none, resulting in its AMERICAN STANDARDS GUYANESE VALUE.

Sizes based on your needs

Our LPG is bottled in 9kg (20 pounds) steel cylinders and, soon, 10kg (22 pounds) composite cylinders. These sizes are primarily intended for domestic use. Domestic customers, as well as some commercial and industrial customers, use Guygas’ 45kg (100lb) cylinders. Guygas also provides bulk deliveries to commercial and industrial customers, with tank sizes 57, 79, 110, 120, 250, 500, and 1,000 gallons in stock.

9 kg Cylinder

10 kg Cylinder

45 kg Cylinder

Installation and Servicing

We install and service all of the products we sell, and we offer an online tank monitoring system to all of our customers in collaboration with Otodata Canada. It provides customers with the assurance that they will never be without LPG due to their own monitoring on a smart phone and our backup system at Guygas’ office.

Other Services

Guygas is a supplier of Kohler propane generators. We do, in fact, work with any brand chosen by the customer. Propane generators require minimal maintenance and are generally more fuel efficient than other generating units. Furthermore, if Guygas installs a monitored bulk storage tank, there is no need for cumbersome refueling. 

Rheem and Rinnai propane water heaters are available as  alternatives to solar or electric. Propane heaters are more dependable and less expensive in the long term than solar or electric heaters. 

Propane clothes dryers are also more reliable and less expensive than electric dryers. 

Customers can enjoy the comforts and success of their homes and businesses by combining power generation, cooking, water heating, and clothes drying applications into one unit monitored by a modern system installed by Guygas.


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